The Smart Scanner consists of a fully enclosed “O” frame structure, built with I-beams, Kevlar™ timing belt drive mechanism, ceramic linear bearings and hardened chrome shafts for superior sensor alignment and cross machine (CD) measurement stability. The scanner motor is driven by a PLC-controlled variable frequency drive, which provides speed control for scan, crawl and fast off-sheet functions. The platform position is tracked with a digital encoder for optimum CD accuracy. Automatic separation of top and bottom drives allows easy access to sensor maintenance.

The scanner is customized for the trim and hand of the machine and supports the sensor platform and up to 5 measurement sensors for each application. Adjustable platform position allows web pass angles up to 30 degrees. Infrared edge detectors provide automatic sheet width measurement.

Models are available for various applications including “C” frames for narrow machines, half-scanners for single sided sensors and fixed point scanners for on line colour measurement. Stainless steel shrouding optional.

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